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Fashionable, Functional Maternity Activewear

A Mom-Midwife Combo Who Know What You Need as Your Body Changes

Goodbody goodmommy is the dream of two women.  Erin Howard, an avid marathoner, searched high and low for the right athletic garments to wear during her pregnancy as she continued to run well into her third trimester.  When nothing seemed to work for her, the idea of making a maternity athleisure brand was born.  As she began brainstorming, she elicited the help of Melissa Peard, a midwife with an obsession for spinning.  A few hours (and glasses of wine) into their first meeting, a friendship and goodbody goodmommy was born.

As a mom-midwife combination, the goodbody goodmommy co-founders approach maternity product design from a unique POV. Our combined background ensures that our products are woman, athlete and mom-to-be-focused, allowing you to achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through your pregnancy -- all while staying on trend.

It is our goal to expand to a full line of maternity athleisure garments that combine support with style and comfortable, high-end fabrics. 

Erin lives with her husband and three children on the Jersey Shore.  Reach her at

Melissa lives with her husband in Jersey City.  Reach her at