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Fashionable, Functional Maternity Activewear

Changing the way maternity clothes make you look and feel

Welcome to goodbody goodmommy. We're excited for you to check out our first two products - our maternity workout legging and nursing cardigan.

Working out during pregnancy is not a trend. Staying physically fit is a lifestyle for many women and a way to maintain the body, mind and soul. Welcoming a new baby will be one of the most exciting times of your life, but pregnancy can be daunting, as your body continues to change daily. Goodbody goodmommy understands that keeping your active lifestyle through pregnancy is paramount. 

Our clothing is designed to be as comfortable and cute as what you wear when you’re not pregnant, but with all the function and support you crave during pregnancy and after. High-end fabrics, attention to detail, and items designed by both a mom and a midwife set us apart.

Our maternity leggings are designed for working out, but are cute enough to sport to brunch. The maternity cardigan transitions into a discrete nursing cover that matches with nearly everything in your closet, rather than standing out in a crowded room. With everything we design, we keep multi-functionality top of mind to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Welcome! We’re excited you’re here.