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How To Use Your Multitasking Cardigan with Co-Founder Melissa

Erin Howard

Hi There!

Bringing this Multitasking Cardigan to market has been one of the most exciting journeys of my life.  The first night I met with Erin to discuss what would eventually become goodbody goodmommy, I came home to my husband and said "I'm going to make maternity clothes!" And we were off . . .

Erin and I didn't let the fact that we do not have experience in the fashion industry deter us.  Our unique mom-midwife point of view led the way as we went from sketch book to sample and we quickly grew our list of priorities.

First, we chose a beautiful modal jersey that has a cozy feel and a luxe look.  Next, we wanted moms with growing families to see this garment as an investment.  The Multitasking Cardigan can take you from pregnancy to baby wearing, nursing and beyond with the simple loop design you see in this video.  We carefully chose to manufacture right here in NYC, so we could be involved in every step of the way.  Lastly, women need a garment that could be styled perfectly with anything in your wardrobe for any occasion and eliminate the need for an extra cover or blanket

We can't wait to see how well you all multitask!!