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Transition Your Multitasking Cardigan to a Nursing Cover With Co-Founder Erin

Erin Howard

The idea for The Multitasking Cardigan came from a very simple, yet personal place. Sometimes, I like to use a nursing cover. Not always - there are plenty of situations in public where I feed my babies without ever wanting or caring to cover up. But sometimes I just feel more comfortable when I have the option of a cover.  However, like most moms, my diaper bag is always filled to the MAX. Wipes, multiple sizes of diapers, some make-up, snacks (for me and kids), epi pen, benydryl, socks (huh?), teething rings and random toys from happy meals in case of "emergency." (An emergency being when my son freaks out while I'm trying to buy underwear.)

When Melissa and I chatted about nursing, she also encountered woman who sometimes wanted to cover up, but hated their current market options. 

So we said, what if we made a nursing cover that was truly part of your outfit? Not just an accessory, but something that could seamlessly be incorporated into your wardrobe, and be dressed up OR down. And wouldn't it be great if that cover would also fit when you're pregnant AND when you're done nursing - and look just as cute in ALL THREE situations?

We got out some colored pencils and got to work. We designed a cardigan that we believe achieves all of these things. It's made from a beautiful modal jersey. Wear it over a dress to a night out, wear it to and from Soul Cycle. The fitted sleeves give you a streamlined look when you're pregnant - so it's only roomy where you're roomy - not everywhere. This also ensures that it's still flattering when you're back in your skinny jeans. The button-and-loop system that turn it into a nursing and babywearing cover are so simple - yet totally hidden. So even if you want to use them, its easy and quick. But if you don't, you're just wearing a regular, beautiful, flowy cardigan that happens to have superpowers. Just like you my mom friend. JUST LIKE YOU.

If you want to know how to use the cardigan's superpowers, we put together this little tutorial with my mini-me's. Enjoy!