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The Multitasking Cardigan - The Easiest Nursing Cover Ever

Erin Howard

Hi all! When we created the Multitasking Cardigan, we wanted to create a garment that could be part of your maternity wardrobe AND have crazy functionality after you meet your baby - so that you could really feel like you got your money's worth out of the product. (We all know there are PLENTY of baby products out there you spend a fortune on that you never quite use enough!) 

So here's a little video to show you just how quickly this cardigan turns into a nursing cover. In addition, it can be used as a baby wearing cover, a skin-to-skin cover, a cuddling cover, and as a pumping cover (ever try to pump on a plane? This cardigan makes it easy to do discretely in your seat! Remember, the crazy plane noises will quickly drown out the sound of your pump.) 

And, one last remember - for the month of February, we're offering $10 off and free shipping with the code "FIT."